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The Woman in Red.

The color Red, combined with a beautiful model will always create a visually stunning image...

Ben Welsh used both of these "ingredients" to produce a short film called La Mujer de Rojo ( The Woman in Red ).

Filmed in Bolonia, Tarifa, Cadiz, Andalusia. The filmaker used a variety of filming techniques and color grading to achieve this particular look.

Rainbow colours shinning in the models face. The perfect beauty portrait by Ben Welsh.

The model´s, Alba Dominguez and Alejandro Ortiz, were the perfect talent for this special project. Both are from Southern Spain, nicely tanned, experienced and have incredible bodies.

Conceptual aerial photography

Ben Welsh color graded this film in Final Cut Pro X to have a very desaturated color palette and only revealing Red.

A lonely red umbrella photographed from a drone.

Desaturated photograph with only the color red.

Aerial photography of a woman running with a red fabric-

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