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Extreme kitesurfing, Wainman Hawaii photo shoot.

Ben Welsh the photographer in action photographing kitesurfer´s.

Extreme kitesurfing is all I could see though my lens when pro riders Alvaro Onieva and Max Gomez hit the water for the 2016 Wainman Hawaii photo shoot in Tarifa, Southern Spain. The conditions were more than perfect, 25 to 30 knot winds and a rough sea. It was a true pleasure to see these two riders enjoy this incredible water sport. In all I had the opportunity to use the 24-70mm f2.8 for the Lifestyle images, then the 70-200mm f4 and the 150-600mm for the Action... We had to take great care protecting the photographic equipment, as the sand and salty water was blowing everywhere. This was my assistant´s main job to make sure the camera was safe. A big thank´s to Wainman Hawaii !!!

Wainman Hawaii photo shoot in Tarifa, Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain.

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