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Stunning real estate in Tarifa, Southern Spain.

This is probably one of the most beautiful houses in Tarifa, Southern Spain. Situated in the lovely countryside of La Peña, only a few kilometres from Tarifa, it is looking towards the Straights of Gibraltar and Morocco.

Aerial view of the real estate.

Behind it is protected by a mountain with easy access for taking a pleasant walk in the nature. Ben Welsh was assigned to photograph this villa and was asked to show all the different spaces with the best light possible.

Swimming pool and terrace.

Ben also used a drone to capture different angles and views, specially the view towards the Straight of Gibraltar, Tarifa and Morocco.

The main entrance and hall.

Drone view of the property and the mountain behind.

Drone view of the beach only 300 metres distance from the house.

High view of the sea.

A warm and relaxing sauna.

The main living room.

Stairs to the upper terrace.

Bedroom with two beds.

Sun deck with views to the atlantic ocean.

Dining room with views.

Dining table.

The main terrace.

The master bedroom with access to the terrace.

View of the master bedroom.


The kitchen.

The hall and a door to the kitchen.

Another view of the kitchen.

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