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Luxury real estate Photography in Marbella, Spain.

Exclusive and luxury real estate owners looking for a photographer in Marbella can trust in the experienced eye of photographer and filmmaker Ben Welsh. Why?....

Luxury property in Marbella, Spain.

It´s not only about selling the real estate itself, it´s also about selling a incredible way of lifestyle that will make the future clients life even better. The photography and video has to be outstanding and Ben Welsh will do exactly this !!!

Details are all important.

If your beautiful property has poor or medium quality photos or a amateur looking video, potential buyers will not believe it´s a serious luxury property worth the millions, and will look for something much more professional.

20 years of experience, countless satisfied clients who have hired Ben Welsh Photography and have written healthy google reviews of his work and professional attitude.

Luxury property in Marbella, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalusia, Spain.

This makes a huge difference in online presentation. Since most, if not all, buyers are finding homes online, it is very important they get a good ‘feel’ for the home through the photography. A photograph is worth more than 1.000 words, they say....

Bedroom with sea views.

It will be nearly impossible to sell a multi million euro property to a potential international client without having a beautiful set of high end photographs taken by a professional that knows exactly how to light and compose a perfect picture.

A master bedroom from the opposite angle.

Living room with a grand piano.



A evocative video that is eye-catching, with important close up details unique to each property, aerial footage with a view of the best angles and landscapes close to the property, panoramic scenes and sounds of the environment and professional video coloring that will enhance every visual aspect of the final clip. All this is certainly a guarantee to attract overseas buyers who will first view all this work before making the move to visit the property.

Dining room.

This will make a huge difference as probably most clients are searching for luxury property online and though agents that offer them visuals and videos. Ben Welsh is a highly experienced photographer that has portrayed many properties in Marbella.

Beautiful location in Marbella.

Video is especially important so a client can feel he or her are walking though the property and seeing many details that a photograph sometimes can't show.

Details are so important in real estate photography.

Ben Welsh uses full frame DSLR digital cameras that capture light, shadow and detail with a larger dynamic range than any Iphone. After in his studio he does the post production of the photography and video using the best software, Photoshop CC , Camera Raw CC and Final Cut Pro X. This ensure the maximum results one can achieve for outstanding color, contrast, depth and audio.

Drone photography.

Studying light, knowing which are the best angles and shapes of a property and how to enhance it even more, listening to the client needs are all important points to take into account.

Ben has been assigned to photograph and film many top properties in Marbella, La Zagaleta, Benahavis, Malaga, Sotogrande and many other locations.

Garden views with the mediterranean sea in the background.

Check out some of these videos to confirm this is the right photographer for your property.

Ben Welsh uses a wide variety of top equipment to film and photograph each property he work´s on. For filming he uses 4k video cameras that are combined with fluid head tripod, tiltamax gimbal system for steady motion to "walk though" from room to room and give a virtual experience to the viewer, and a slider for sideway movements.

Master bedroom in Marbella, Spain.

Then comes the magic of editing all the video footage. Ben Welsh has directed and edited short films, which gives him a great advantage when its time to put together a real estate video. He treats the editing process with great care and that it ends up with a cinematographic look, making sure that not only the property will look outstanding and interesting, but also that the viewer will enjoy watching the clip from start to finish.

Grand terrace with sea views.

Also a drone that films in 4k, connected to a iPad to view in real time the different angles a house has from the sky. All of this equipment combined with years of experience ....

Classic furniture thought all of the mansion.

A cozy living room.

The second living room with a chimney.

King size bed.

The luxury property at dusk.

Property next to the beach.

Drone photography at sunset.

Aerial real estate photography.

Luxury home next to the beach. Marbella, Southern Spain.

Living room.

Cosy living room with a chimney.

Living room and terrace.

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