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How to be a professional photographer.

My name is Ben Welsh and I've made a short video which promotes my work and also gives a quick introduction to what I consider the key points to running a professional photography business.

Real on-the-job training and experience.

An in-depth understanding of a multitude of techniques and of every item of your equipment. From your photography camera to your video camera ( two different worlds ), strobe, continuous lighting, radio slaves, reflectors, wireless tethering, computers and the list keeps going on and on...

Ben Welsh with a client in the middle of a outdoor photoshoot. Many clients like to be physically at the location and see the photographs. Ben has his camera tethered to a tablet and this allows the client to see the images instantly.  Tarifa, Cadiz, Costa de la Luz, Andalusia, Spain.

Digital communication skills which include a website, blog and an on-going battle with search engine optimisation ( SEO ).

Human communication skills: the ability to help models relax, the ability to quietly guide your crew and above all the ability to understand a clients need for information about your assignment and of the need to answer every question fully and promptly.

A young woman lost on a island. This photograph is from a story telling series of fashion images. The great white shark fin was made of foam and fiber glass and spray painted to mimic the real thing. A assistant with a wetsuit and flippers was strapped to the fin.  The location was a secret beach close to Tarifa, Costa de la Luz, Andalusia, Spain.

You may be an outstanding photographer, but no client will knock on your door if he cant´t find you. And no client will give you a repeat assignment if they are not treated courteously and correctly

Animal portrait. This funny bulldog is named Toro. Ben Welsh used his experience as a portrait photographer and used the same techniques he would use with a human with this incredible dog.

Check out my new promo video on Youtube. I decided it was time to make a film of myself and show the audience a bit of what it is like to be a professional photographer, where I live, how I work, the equipment I use, my fine art photography and my loyalty towards my clients.

Ben Welsh next to a client in a children's photoshoot in Marbella, Malaga, Andalusia, Spain. Children photography is one of Ben´s favourite subjects. They are innocent, funny and above all spontaneous. Ben has many clients in Marbella and Malaga, Southern Spain.

Basically this video also explains the approach many professional photographers have towards their job, from working with a client in a photoshoot to post production in the studio.

I am based in a paradise location called Tarifa, in the south of Spain, where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean merge together. Living in a place like this really inspires my photography !!!

Portrait of a senior woman photographer holding a vintage Leica. This camera was from Ben´s Grandfather and was passed on to his father who is also a photographer.

Apart from being one of the world´s best venues for kitesurfing and windsurfing, it has incredible golden sand beaches and dunes that go on and on for kilometres. Some of the must see visits are the sand dunes of Punta Paloma that give you an incredible view of two continents, Europe and Africa, facing each other, or Baelo Claudia, an ancient roman town beside the beachside village of Bolonia, or the Isla de la Palomas, the island connected to Tarifa by a causeway, is the southernmost part in Europe, just 14 kilometres from Africa. It is also only 1 hour drive from Marbella and less than two hours to Malaga airport.

Fine art photography. This image was created on a very windy day so the red cloth would fly and form different shapes. The sand dunes of Punta Paloma, Tarifa, Costa de la Luz, Andalusia, Spain.

With all these locations and many more beautiful sights to visit, this makes Tarifa a perfect place for photography, photo shoots and advertising campaigns. After all these years living and working in this town located on La Costa de la Luz, that translates to Coast of the Light, my knowledge of the locations, people and business has grown to a great advantage for my photography business and my clients. This is very important as a photographer, let your community know that you are a photographer, word of mouth gets around and can bring new clients !!!

Bored students in a classroom. Photographer Ben Welsh wanted to show the feeling young kids sometimes have when the lessons get to long. This image is part of a series about the human being and the relationship they have when they are together in a group.

I must admit that I love photography and working with clients, but not all your time as a professional should be spent on comercial assignments. Creating a personal portfolio and developing techniques and skills will help you grow and solve issues that for sure will come up on each photo job.

The art of creating powerful images or even sometimes more simple but evocative forms and colours. The understanding of different lighting techniques, how a lens can change the perspective, the dynamic range of a camera and how it can affect the overall exposure of a image.... all this has helped me a lot on my assignments with clients and their specific needs.

Fine art photography. Ages. Time goes by for everybody... This is the concept Ben Welsh wanted to convey to the viewer. How a beautiful young blond girl will one see herself reflected and see the passing of time.

As one can see from my portfolio, I love to imagine and produce fine art photography. What better way is there to express your fantasy or dreams than though a photograph !!! It is such a pleasure to see the end result of a fine art project on the screen. But this is not a easy path... More than once I have tried to produce a thought or idea but was just impossible to find the talent or the location or more importantly to be able to realise the concept.

Conceptual fine art photography by Ben Welsh. Abstract ideas show the viewer the power of photography. This image was photographed on location and then digitally manipulated in photoshop. Tarifa, Cadiz, Costa de la Luz, Andalusia, Southern Spain.

There are many ingredients that must blend together to make an authentic fine art photograph. First of all is the idea or concept, without this you can forget about all the rest... Then finding the model or people that fit your story, then location, lighting, props, hair style, make up, and it goes on and on... But with practice and experience it can be done and the personal and technical reward is extremely satisfying !!!

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