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Working together with clients.

The relationship between client and photographer is in my opinion one of the most important parts of my photography business. If you are a great photographer, but hate the idea of communicating and spending time answering emails and telephone calls then you probably will have a difficult time getting new jobs.

Ben photographing a model with a client viewing the photoshoot.

Client communication has to be fluid, and I show them that I'm 100% involved in there project, putting my experience and energy towards answering there emails, text, or phone calls as fast as posible, and helping them resolve any doubts they might have.

Ben on a assignment with a client, viewing the photos tethered to his iPad.

After all these years, many clients have come up with a list of questions to be answered, most of them regarding issues like; they want to know which is the best location if the photo shoot is going to be outdoors and a plan B in case that location is no good on that particular day or if we can shoot indoors in my studio, what is the weather prediction and how will it affect that location, should the models be local talents or should we call a model agency and if so can I help them with the casting, can we change something in photoshop in post production, how long do I think we can finish the job, etc.

Behind the scenes of a outdoors photoshoot in Tarifa, Costa de la Luz, Cadiz, Andalusia, Southern Spain.

Above all that, sending them the final results by the date we have agreed on is absolutely necessary, no excuses !!!

Ben with clients in the middle of a photoshoot in Amsterdam, client Muchachomalo.

As I look back in time, I realise how much I've learned working with so many different clients. From fashion clients in Amsterdam, Netherland, to real estate agents in Marbella, Spain, or foreign clients looking for a professional photographer in Tarifa, Southern Spain. No job has been the same, as some clients needed a different approach for there products than others. Some clients needed there product to be absolutely perfect, with front lighting and great care for detail and perspective, and retouched later in photoshop (post production retouching) to achieve the desired look, while others had the opposite idea in mind and needed more of a real and evocative feeling to showcase their end product.

Its so rewarding to receive a phone call from a returning client who is satisfied and wants to keep the working relationship.

Ben Welsh photography has a 5 star rating on Google.

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