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Real Estate photography in Marbella with Ben Welsh.

Ben Welsh has many assignments in the real estate market as a photographer and videographer in Marbella, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalusia, Southern Spain. His experience in the photography business with more than twenty years as a image maker, he has seen and overcome plenty of difficulties and knows how to deal with practically any property no matter the size or shape, from multi millionaire estate houses in La Zagaleta to cosy apartments orientated for touristic rentals.

Luxury real estate property in Marbella, Costa del sol, Malaga, Southern Spain.

He loves to use as much natural light as possible, bright pictures that harmonise with the clear atmosphere and sunshine of the Mediterranean. But if needed he will fill in with extra lights unnecessary shadows or poorly lit areas to enhance the beauty of a property. This factor can happen sometimes when there is a strict deadline and the client needs the photographs urgently, the reasons could be that the weather gets cloudy, or some rooms are much darker than others, or maybe even the client has asked Ben for a certain style in the lighting. He has a large collection of strobes including various Profoto flashes that are connected to autonomous generators, each one with 1200 watts of power that can overpower the sun in most cases.

Luxury house in La Zagaleta, Costa del sol, Malaga, Southern Spain.

Ben is very experienced and creative with lighting, as can be acknowledged on his website with some international award winning imagery, and can make a dark room look like the sun is shining though the window, which is fantastic if you want to sell or rent your property !!!

Real estate sales office in Marbella, Malaga, Southern Spain.

A very important aspect of real estate photography is the control of perspective. Ben takes care of creating realistic pictures which do not distort the perspective of the largest or smallest rooms. Pictures that elegantly but truthfully represent the reality of the property.

A bedroom with a view to the blue skies of Marbella, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalusia, Spain.

Marbella is full of incredible properties, the location of city is unique, and is a major destination for tourists who are looking for sunshine most days of the year due to its micro climate that is produced by a "sun trap" with the beach on the south and the Sierra Blanca mountain on the north. Creating temperatures that are hot in summer and mild in winter.

Drone photography of real estate in Marbella, Southern Spain.

He has photographed a diverse range of houses, mansions, apartments on the "coast of the sun" or in spanish; La Costa del Sol. A true paradise for real estate.

Photographer Ben Welsh flying the drone on location at Marbella.

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