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Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Latest news !!!! The Florence Film Festival has awarded Yesterday´s Man with the BEST INSPIRATIONAL FILM AWARD.

How do you make an 11 minute film with no professional actors and no studio where you can build sets?  Not that that matters because you won't have money to build sets anyway.

This was Ben Welsh's problem, but he pulled it off, and his film Yesterday's Man was released to the public in the Hotel Tarifa Lances in Tarifa, southern Spain on July 17, 2019 in the presence of Tarifa's mayor and local dignataries and an enthusiastic audience of around one hundred fellow professionals, press, friends and locals.  The applause was warm and honest and not just because of the live music, drinks and excellent tapas served beside the Tarifa Lances rooftop pool after the screening.

Ben is an internationally known award winning photographer.  Apart from his excursions into documentary film-making, all of which help promote the amazing Wind Surf Capital of Europe which is Tarifa (Ben is an ex-Spanish windsurf champion), he has photographed or filmed commercial work for international brands including communications company Orange, Panasonic cameras, Ion, French swimwear company Moea, Dutch underwear company Muchachomalo or the Texan real estate company Concierge Auctions.  In 2017 he won two gold medals from the prestigious Trierenberg Super Circuit.

Yesterday's Man took over a year to complete.  His partner Ainhoa Garcia (a kitesurfing world champion) was his producer and location scout, his family were his constant critics and his friends fronted up to do their best as actors.  Ben had to do the rest as scriptwriter, cinematographer, editor, sound man, music maestro , lighting and things he never imagined he'd have to learn...

How does it feel now that the project is finished?  "I'm taking a couple of weeks off," he said.  "I'm going windsurfing - and I'll be looking for my next story!"

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