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Swimming from Spain to Africa.

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

French swimmer, Nicolas Knap, arrived to Tarifa, Cadiz, Southern Spain, to complete a dream; to swim across the Straights of Gibraltar, from Tarifa to Punta Cires in Morocco.

He contacted Ben Welsh, a photographer / filmmaker based in Tarifa, who already has experience filming other swimmers who have achieved this same goal.

Nicolas is a very experienced swimmer, having already a few big crossings "under his belt", like Alcatraz, with very strong currents and great white sharks swimming underneath the cold waters.

In Tarifa, Nicolas had to wait for more than 10 days for the perfect current. He had a chance to swim earlier, but he let a German swimmer, who had to leave the next day, go first. This was a extraordinary gesture from Nicolas....

But his day came, with a gentle wind and perfect current, he managed the swim from Tarifa to Morocco in 3 hours and 17 minutes, one of the 30 best times in history.

In this video by Ben Welsh, we can see the tremendous effort Nicolas did to swim the 15 kilomtres of ocean to reach Morocco.

Bravo Nicolas !!!!

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