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Hype Energy Drink

A new client contacted Ben Welsh, photographer and videographer based in Tarifa, Cadiz, Andalusia. Hype Energy Drink, heavily involved in motor racing and sponsors of formula 1 racing.

For this job they needed drone footage, photography and video interviews in Spanish and English of two of the best surfers from Chile, who are sponsored by Hype Energy Drink. There names are Manuel Selaman and Nicolas Vargas. Two young surfers competing around the world and searching for the best waves.

The main location chosen for the footage and interviews was Bolonia, one of the most beautiful and wild beaches in Spain. Ben Welsh has a wide knowledge of locations and beaches in this area after + 20 years as a local resident.

One of the most beautiful footage from this video is when both surfers paddle out to Piedra Morena, a huge rock about 300 meters from the beach and one of the best waves for surfing in La Costa de la Luz.

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