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FRS Ferry photo shoot.

FRS Ferry called photographer Ben Welsh for there new 2018 - 2019 campaign. They had already worked together a few years ago and were both happy to repeat the experience.

Moroccan family photographed by Ben Welsh for the new campaign for FRS ferry.

Billboard publicity

The photo shoot was actually done onboard of there flagship ferry and had to be photographed while the boat was traveling from Algeciras, Spain to Tangier, Morocco and back.

Family on the deck of the ferry.

The main concept for this photoshoot was that customers are loyal to FRS Ferries. The client asked Ben to convey the feeling of frequent travelers that trust there brand because of there comfort and reliability.

Portrait of a moroccan woman on board of the ferry.

The models chosen for this photo shoot was a "happy" Moroccan family enjoying a pleasant time onboard of the ferry.

Moroccan family in the ferry.

Moroccan woman photographed by Ben Welsh.

Model relaxing in the ferry.

Moroccan family posing for the FRS ferry campaign.

Portrait of a moroccan model in the ferry.

A family in the restaurant of the ferry.

Happy moroccan family in the restaurant of the ferry.

Moroccan family on the deck of the ferry leaving Tangier.

Happy couple posing for the photo shoot.

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