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Football team photoshoot with Ben Welsh in Marbella.

The Faroe Islands football team came to Marbella, Malaga, Andalusia, Southern Spain, for there annual sunshine training and escape from the hard winter climate conditions.

The new white shirt for 2018

The team manager hired photographer Ben Welsh, who does football team photography, to do the photo shoot in Marbella of there new clothing equipment for 2018. The football team was staying at one of the local hotels near Marbella, so Ben was asked to bring all of his equipment, lighting, studio backgrounds to the location.

Blue version of the football t-shirt.

The actual photoshoot had to be done between the teams training sessions. Ben Welsh was allocated a large room in the hotel in Marbella, were he was able to rig up his portable studio, fully equipped with a pure white background, lighting gear and a live tethered connection from his camera to a Ipad. This made it so much easier for the team manager and assistants to preview all of the photographs done of the football players and the rest of the team.

Some of the top football players of the Faroe team

The new line of football clothing came in two different colours; white and blue. Sponsored by Macron, a technical sports clothing company specialised in football, rugby, basketball, running and many other sports.

Behind the scenes.

Over twenty football players from the team posed in front of the camera, most of them were having great fun being in a photoshoot with Ben Welsh Photography in Marbella, with there brand new apparel.

Ben Welsh shooting a football player.

Portrait photography and group portraiture is one of Ben Welsh specialities. He his a expert in lighting setups, posing and composition. In this particular photoshoot of the football team in Marbella, he used up to 6 studio flashes to get that crisp and sharp look that is needed in sports portraits.

Three football players

The Faroe Islands football team came from a very different atmosphere and culture. The Faroe Islands is a self governing group of islands that is part of the kingdom of Denmark. It is a group of eighteen volcanic islands that are situated between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean. These islands are visited by bird lovers and hikers because of it´s beautiful landscapes and wildlife.

The setup for the Faroe football team.

Many international football teams organize there pre-season trainings in Marbella, Southern Spain, due to the fact that there is sunshine most of the year and many football installations around the area. Also they can play friendly matches against many other foreign and local teams.

A moment in the photo shoot.

In the photograph below this text we can see the photographer Ben Welsh, dressed in black, talking with one of the team managers about the setup and ideas for the photoshoot of the football team that came to Marbella, Malaga.

Behind the scenes.

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