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Jury of the biggest photo competition in the World.

I was honoured to receive a email from Chris Hinterobermaier inviting me to be part of the jury for the 2018 Trierenberg Super Circuit, the largest photo competition in the world, held at the Austrian town of Linz. My response was a immediate YES. The chance to be able to view thousands of some of the best photography on the planet, plus the added value of meeting other international photographers was undeniable.

Ben Welsh next to chairman, Chris Hinterobemaier, at his photo art gallery in Linz, Austria.

The experience was higher than I had expected, first the hotel which the organization had booked for us was fantastic, The Courtyard Marriot Hotel in Linz is above the standard, with a high tech gym and sauna, incredible breakfast buffet with many different plates to choose from, modern decoration and very friendly staff. All this in the center of Linz.

Ben Welsh travelling to be part of the international jury in Linz, Austria.

The jury was divided into two groups of three people each. My group was given a free day for Saturday and we would work on Sunday. The surprise for Saturday was a visit to the lake district in The Alpes, only a hours drive away. What a sight !!! Cristal clear mineral water reflecting the immense white mountains in the background. All this surrounded by tall pine trees, as can be seen in the photograph I have posted. Then we went to a typical austrian restaurant to enjoy some fresh water trout.

The lake district in the Alpes, close to Linz, Austria.

The day of our jury arrived. We were driven to the headquarters of the main sponsor, Trierenberg. The venue was full of fine art prints on all of the walls from previous year winners, some of these photographs were just mind blowing. We were taken into a room to judge the black & white and the colour prints, which were around 1.000 photos. Only the prints with three "yes" from the jury would make the cut to the final selection of 3 medals, gold, silver and bronze.

Part of the jury looking at the color prints

Fine art prints on the walls of the Trierenberg headquarters.

Ben Welsh at the headquarters of Trierenberg.

After this we had a short lunch to bring our energy back. Here we enjoyed changing opinions with the other team and part of the competition staff. Then off to another room were we would go though 4.000 plus digital images. Again only images with three "yes" from the judges would go to the final stage. The level of photography was in some cases very, very high.

The lunch ready for the jury.

Ben Welsh next to his fellow members of the jury.

The staff of the prints room.

Photographers and organisation together at the photo art gallery in Linz, Austria.

Trierenberg headquarters. Linz, Austria.

Photo art gallery.

Ben and his colleagues at the Trierenberg headquarters.

Dining at the Linz Casino, Austria.

The jury teams.

Ben Welsh with some very interesting people from the jury.

Inside the photo art gallery.

Ben Welsh at the lake district.

A view to the city of Linz.

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