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Now or never, get fit at the gym !!!

It´s fun to be at the gym. This project of a series of humorous images was produced in a vintage style gym in Tarifa, Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain. Ben Welsh teamed up with producer Sara Witt to create a series of funny images with "normal people" trying to get fit in the gym. The main character in this photo shoot is actor and screen writer Abel Noria, a really funny person dedicated to his own creative world of black humor, scripts and conceptual photography. Ben is actually filming a thriller this month written by Abel that will be released next March 2018. When you have a talent like Abel, it makes a world of difference and transmits the humor in this series. For lighting Ben used 2 Profoto strobes, 1º strobe was positioned with a very large translucent umbrella about 3 metres on top of the talents to re-create a cenital lighting as you would have in most gym´s. The 2º strobe was used to open up shadows that were created by the 1º light. He exposed the scene so the skin and white t-shirts were not overexposed. The end results were retouched, composited and coloured in Photoshop CC 2018. Portraits and group portraits have become one of Ben´s specialities over the years, in one case he photographed up to 50 models in the same photo without any photoshop. Portraiture photography captures the personality of the subject by using interesting lighting, composition and a experienced photographic eye.

You don't have to be a super model to go to the gym.

Women helping a man to get fit.

Normal people doing exercise at the gym.

weight lifting at the gym.

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