• Ben Welsh

Event photography in Gibraltar.

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

The CISI, The Charted Institute for Securities and Investment, hired photographer and videographer Ben Welsh, based in Tarifa, Southern Spain, to photograph their first event in Gibraltar onboard of the incredible Sun Born Yacht Hotel, based in the Marina Bay harbour.

One of their top consultants gave a speech on impact investing.

Here are only a few of the photos taken in the Atlas conference room.

In the briefing for the photo shoot, they asked Ben, please not to use flash light, so he had to use very fast lenses as the available light levels were low.

The Sun Born Yacht Hotel in The Marina Bay, Gibraltar.

Portrait of a executive.

Economy speech.

Reception area of the Sun Born Yacht Hotel.

Members networking.


The event onboard of the Sun Born Yacht Hotel, Gibraltar.

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