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Fantasy property in Gaucín, Malaga, Spain.

A incredible property "lost" in the mountains of Gaucín, Málaga, Southern Spain.

Very few owners can boast of such a beautiful piece of land and surrounded by clean landscapes. Real estate doesn´t get much better than this.

Ben Welsh was hired by Concierge Auctions to photograph this mansion and to show it´s beauty to possible buyers. The photographer used powerful lighting equipment to brighten up very large rooms, terraces and spanish patios. Ben also used a drone to photograph every angle of this property, aerial photography is so important for real estate, it is really the only way to fully understand the architecture of a house, and its situation in a determined landscape.

Also post production is making a big difference in the end result, combining indoor lighting with outdoor sunlight to achieve a photograph with high dynamic range were you can see though the windows blue skies while also seeing details in the darker indoor rooms.

These images and many others taken by the photographer, will help Concierge Auctions to sell this property.

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