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Street photography

In a recent trip to Madrid, to visit my daughter, I decided to take my small Fujifilm X 100T so to practice some street photography skills. This is very good for any photographer, as it makes you alert always and ready to take a picture in any moment.

A woman looking at a man sitting on the street pavement.

Sometimes on a commissioned job with a client, everything is very staged and prepared, in order to get the "perfect" image of that particular product. On the street on the other hand, you have to be very fast and may only have a second or less to capture something that caught your eyes attention.

A couple sitting in a bar.

Madrid is absolutely full of people and tourists everywhere you go. It is the perfect "playground" for street photography !!!

Multitude of tourists photographed from inside a shop

My beautiful daughter checking the menu for lunch.

Inside the Madrid metro.

People waiting for a bus.

A man resting on the street surrounded by a multitude of tourists.

A young man begging on the street.

A employee cleaning the front part of a train.

A ambulance in the streets of Madrid.

All types of tourists in the streets of Madrid.

A musician entertaining tourists in a cue.

A tourist finds a quiet place to talk over the phone.

Workers silhouetted against the blue sky of Madrid.

Tourists everywhere in Madrid.

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