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Publicity commercial spot in Tarifa, Southern Spain.

Bendito Levante is commercial spot filmed and directed by Ben Welsh. It is a parody about the misfortunes of a young woman on holidays in the sunny town of Tarifa, Southern Spain.

The client for this assignment is Grupo Inmobiliario IPG. They needed a spot that was different, funny, and above all that would merge a film looking experience with their real estate company.

A parody of the last supper, part of the commercial spot photographed and filmed by Ben Welsh in Tarifa.

The voice over of this commercial spot is Ramón Langa, a very well known actor in Spain, but above all is best known for his voice over with a incredible deep voice of american hollywood actors; Bruce Willis and Kevin Costner.

Ben Welsh filming the spot assisted by his brother Marcos, also a professional photographer, and Ainhoa.

The spot was filmed in different locations. Some are Ben´s favorite in the area. The beach bar scenes were filmed at Waves beach bar, a few kilometres from Tarifa. The owner was more than happy to have his business to be part of this commercial and was very friendly towards the team. The interior scenes in the bedroom were filmed at The Riad Tarifa, a fascinating hotel in the center of the old town of Tarifa, Andalusia. For part of other scenes, like a abandoned road, dirt tracks, sand dunes, white andalusian village streets, different locations were found thanks to the local knowledge of Ben Welsh.

Behind the scenes of Bendito levante, this scene was filmed in The Riad Tarifa.

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