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James Bond portraits by Ben Welsh.

A series of photos inspired in the legendary James Bond and a mysterious woman who might be a lover or a enemy...

On the run.

This is a fashion and story concept of two spies in some high tension scenarios. Alejandro Ortiz and Sandy Vigo were the perfect choice for this project. He is a spanish model that is rising in the fashion world and is also a fitness trainer. She is a exotic mix between swiss and brazilian parents.

Alejandro Ortiz acting as a latin James Bond.

Ben Welsh photographed this couple with a cinematic style, using continuous lighting in the indoor locations to create a intense atmosphere.

Special thanks to The Riad Tarifa, Cadiz, Andalusia, for this beautiful room.

A special thanks to The Riad Tarifa for collaborating in this project. The rooms are exotic and the hotel is full of fine details.

Getting ready for the enemy.

Sandy Vigo as a femme fatale.

The couple on a lost island.

The young couple walking along a deserted beach

A moment of high tension between the spies.

Swimwear fashion with the super models, Sandy Vigo and Alejandro Ortiz.

James Bond inspiration. Portrait photography.

Both spies in a action situation.

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