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Luxury Kaftan dresses from Tangier, Morocco.

Fashion Photographer and filmmaker Ben Welsh was hired by Ziana California, a international Moroccan-California fashion brand, to portray there new collection. There speciality are hand made luxury designer kaftan dresses, embroidered with precious stones. This collection of kaftan´s can be described as: Absolutely beautiful !!!

A royal look. The model is lit with a combination of strobe and led lighting.

Kaftan dresses are loose and free flowing, and normally reach down to the ankles. There have been many variations over the years. Styles are different, some are light and colorful, perfect for hot summer days while others are elegant and are ideal for many social meetings.

With a feeling from another century...

The client asked the photographer Ben Welsh to find two very important aspects for there fashion brand to stand out. 1º a incredible location and 2º a couple of beautiful spanish models.

With a wide knowledge of locations and talent in this part of Andalusia, Southern Spain, Ben found a true gem in the old town of Tarifa, El Castillo la Duquesa Tarifa. This location has a Arab feeling in some of the rooms and patios, which combined with the new collection of kaftan dresses was a perfect match as can be seen in this video.

The location had a Arab feeling.

For video he choose warm continuous led lamps, combined with V-log color profile in camera so in post production with Final Cut Pro X, he could color grade with greater latitude. A combination of tripod, gimbal, slider and hand held techniques were used to achieve different movements for the final video.

Ziana California also has a wedding dress design as can be seen in the photo below of Maria. Photographer Ben Welsh does wedding photography in Tarifa, Cadiz, Andalusia, Southern Spain.

Wedding dress photographed by Ben Welsh.

The final results were very exciting for both photographer and client. Here is the clients review on Google;

★★★★★ a week ago

Ben Welsh photography and his team were very professional and accommodating during our photoshoot and video clip. On arrival to Tarifa,Spain sailing from Tangier,Morocco he hosted us to location, had all his Equipments ready to roll and even prepared for us the models ready to photoshoot. Amazing work ethics, friendly and I will work with him again on my next project. If you happened to be in Tarifa,Spain for photography work and movies 🎥 then I recommend you highly to contact and choose Mr.Welsh for your photography need because your satisfaction at the end of your project will be guaranteed.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Two models in kaftan dresses photographed by Ben Welsh.

This photograph by Ben Welsh was done using natural light.

The blond model Noelia Montes at the location in Tarifa.

Ziana California kaftan dress.

Exotic look for a beautiful kaftan dress.

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