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A Real Son of a Beach.

73 year old Jens Wilhem, is a Legend in the windsurfing community. Coming from a tough background, where he was brought up in a brothel in Germany, Jens decided to "escape" and see the World. He has been travelling around Spain and Europe in his old customized caravan in search of waves, for decades. When he was younger, he was a radical windsurfer. He loved to sail in Pozo Izquierdo ( Gran Canaria ), Tarifa ( Cadiz ) and Almerimar ( Almeria ). Due to his strong character but also true beliefs in a active lifestyle, Jens has made many good friends all over the coasts of Europe, specially in Spanish territory. But for sure some of his true friends have been his 4 Bull Terriers; Eva, Cambio, Comotu and Ares ( in this photo ). As time went by

, he has had to change his sailing days to a easier way of surfing the ocean; Stand up padlle surfing. After suffering a heart attack, and years later a brain stroke, he still continues to live his dream; Being a real son of a Beach...

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